Monday, January 31, 2011

Stylish Solutions!

Well last week I was moaning about the pouring rain and messy mud but since then I have come up with a few fashionable fixes! Although the rain has slowed down a little, the mud seems here to stay and now the heavy rugs are well and truly back out for the freezing temperatures. But not only do we have to worry about keeping our horses warm....what about us? Not only that but when I am dashing down to the yard straight from work I could do with keeping my outfit as clean as possible to prevent a ridiculous amount of weekly washing! This, however, at this time of year, is easier said than done. But this week I treated myself to some fab new socks which have proved not only amazingly warm for my freezing toes but perfect to protect my work trousers. Simply pull them up over your knees and your legs are protected during your chores including mucking out and picking out hooves etc. Now I simply keep them tucked inside my mucker boots in the car, ready to use at short notice. In addition these high vis socks help me keep safe and seen first thing in the morning or last thing at night and are so comfortable to ride in. Put if you're not keen on this design, what about the Hippy Trippy or Just Chillin alternatives?

It's not only my toes that turn to ice at this time of year, it's also my finger tips! But I don't think i've been to the yard once in the past few years without my trusted Showa Nitrile Gloves. I have just purchased some pink ones to match my new socks. These fit so well you can do any chores in them. I literaly never take them off when i'm at the horses. And what's great is not only do they protect your hands from the harsh elements, they are also really good to ride in. And when they get in a right old mess...pop them in the washing machine and they are as good as new!

Yes it may be winter, freezing cold, pouring rain, and the mud is still bad, but a little bit of fashion has put the fun back in to the farm for me! :-)

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