Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mud Mud Not so Glorious Mud!

The snow has been gone a good few weeks now but the rain has returned and it seems it's here to stay. Back in December we may have all been moaning at smashing the ice buckets, the lack of grazing, the awful driving conditions and the inability to ride our horses but now there is a different problem..MUD! The ongoing rain has taken its toll on the field and i've even lost my wellies a couple of times. Along with that it seems every time i've ridden so far in 2011 i've got totally soaked to the skin. Roll on Summer!

The horses seem to be enjoying the mud, with daily rolls and a few good gallops around the field. Once dry i'm tackling the mud with my faithful grooming brushes. Not sure how I could cope without these....

and i'm keeping them protected from the wind and rain in my weatherproof grooming box....

The weather is uninspiring for taking horsey photos today so I thought i'd post a few slightly more picturesque shots from least the snow looked pretty!

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