Friday, October 15, 2010

Winter is Arriving...

I don't know about you but I certainly feel like Winter is well on it's way. I seem to have gone in to auto hibernation, wrapping up in layers of clothing, hot water bottles at night and enjoying lots of casseroles and cake (any excuse for cake!).

The change in season is also obvious from doing the daily horse routine. When I venture to the yard at 6.15am it's pitch black and it's now a game of hunt the horse! Usually i'll just about work out where he is, walk there and when i'm 2 metres away he'll gallop past me back to the gate to check if i've left him any hay! I'm having a similar problem in the evenings! The horses are also noticing the change in climate. No sooner had I returned from my holiday in Cornwall, that I found a very hairy beast who has thankfully now been smartly clipped.

So the fly fringes have been put away for another year, along with the fly repellant and sun cream and the rugs and winter grooming gear is back out. So here i've put together a few of my winter essentials to ensure we are fully equiped for the cold months ahead:

My lovely pink fleece is great for layering up with a waterproof riding jacket or a padded gilet and I couldn't live without my Equestrian Gloves for the Yard- these gloves protect your finger tips during all your chores on those icy morning.

And my Knightrider Socks are ideal to add to my flourescent gear now the daylight is fading fast.

Plus I don't think i'd ever be able to get my horse fully clean without this equestrian grooming brush- ideal for getting the clumps of dried mud out of various strange places!

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