Monday, September 27, 2010

A Special Visit

Hello all! Well I am back from my holidays (hence a break from blogging) and I cant say I am feeling an overwhelming joy at being back! That must be a sign of a great holiday- which it was :-). But before we left, I paid a special visit to the Ada Cole Horse Sanctuary, run by Redwings. I have ridden a few lovely ponies from Ada Cole over the years and I was really pleased to be able to visit the sanctuary to show my support. And what a gorgeous place....I was so impressed. The horses and ponies there are so well looked after, and the grounds and land was amazing. I have to say we did fall in love with a few special ponies, but found it heartbreaking to hear some of their stories. Why not visit the sanctuary yourself and show your support? To find out all about Redwings, and see if there is a sanctuary near to you simply visit their website. In the meantime, here are a few photos I took on my visit...

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  1. Great blog! I've read a few posts here today, and wanted to leave at least one comment. I'll be back!


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