Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The New Horse Diva Horse!!!

Well its been a long old search, horse hunting up and down the country, struggling to find the perfect partner...but finally he has arrived!!!  Everyone told me he would be worth the wait but at the time I just didn't believe it.  But I can safely say he really has been worth it - the mileage for viewings, the disappointments, the trips to see horses that didnt exist, the failed vettings, the nervous tension, the sleepness nights, the arguments, the petrol, the money spent and oh sooo many tears...(can you tell I hated my 8 months of horse hunting)!!!

The new Horse Diva Horse is the wonderful Irish Sports Horse called Skip.  At just five years old, the 16.1hh beauty has joined me on a quest to learn and improve together and to get out and about competing once again.  With the help of our wonderful instructor, after just two weeks together I can see improvements already.

Here are a few initial snaps of our first two weeks together...I am sure there will be many years and many more photos to come, including a Horse Diva modelling shoot!!!

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