Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Trials and Tribulations of Animal Ownership

I love owning animals and would never be without them but sometimes they really do cause you a lot of worry. You can go along for years and then boom within a month its one trauma after another. And it seems that this is my month!

It started with the equine in my life getting a mild cough that would come and go as quickly as the sunshine this month! The vet checked everything was okay, putting my mind at rest and significantly lightened my purse with the prescription of ventipulmin. Even on that the cough seems to still occur at weird and wonderful occasions but touch wood it hasn't reappeared it the last few weeks! So one drama over and on to the next...

While family are away on holiday we are looking after their border collie Charlie alongside our 13 week old puppy. However one day in to this stint Charlie came down with a bad stomach bug so we had to keep the dogs seperate, find a willing puppy sitter and live in seperate houses! 10 days later and Charlie is slowly improving.

You'd think that would be enough but this morning I was treated to our puppy Lexi being stung like mad when she jumping into the cut stinging nettles on our walk this morning. Poor thing was beside herself, crying, and inconsolable. I don't think my mum was impressed either when I dropped a manic puppy with her on my way to work. After a fair bit of sobbing and some soothing cream she is back to her normal happy self and we wont be doing that walk for a little while!

So there we have it- My week of animal madness. And to top it off the house bunny Dave has just gone and chewed a hole in the bean bag chair, they are flooding the lounge as I write this....now where's the dustpan?!?!?!

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