Monday, July 4, 2011

New Arrivals!

After much contemplation we decided it was time for a new addition to The Horse Diva family. No not another horse but instead a gorgeous cockapoo puppy! She is 11 weeks old today and we've had her 2 weeks. Incase you're wondering "what is a cockapoo?" she's a cross between a cocker spaniel and a miniture poodle. We got her from a wonderful lady about an hour and a half away and puppy's mum was beautiful and very calm. She was one of five puppies that had been handled by children since she was born and she was very placid so we made the decision to get her! After our much anticipated trip to Dublin (to see Take That- how exciting!) we returned home to collect our new bundle of fun. Choosing a name was a bit of a that we could both agree on became a real challenge! After a bit of internet searching we found our name...Lexi. And here she is...

Although she settled in really quickly the trouble really started at nightimes where she cried and cried and after 3 nights I wondered if she (or I) would ever sleep again. However after a few helpful hints from other dog owners we cracked it and on night four it was perfect peace :-)

So after two weeks we are still absolutely loving having little Lexi in our family. We cant imagine ever being without her. She's growing every day and her training exercises are going very well (currently trying to master the stay command!). A week tomorrow we will finally be able to take her out on a walk as her last jab will have taken effect. In the meantime we have been doing lots of practice on the lead in the garden as well as carrying her everywhere so she gets used to different people and surroundings. We've even carried her to the yard over the weekend to introduce her to the horses! So if anyone has any other handy tips for educating puppies please feel free to leave me a comment :-)

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