Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Badminton Horse Trials

Well every year I head off to Burghley Horse Trials and with Garden Divas we have even worked the weekend selling our gorgeous goodies at the event! However last Bank Holiday I was faced with the prospect of working all weekend (help!). Suddenly I realised it was the weekend of Badminton Horse Trials and that was it I was straight on the website to find out ticket prices, directions and times etc....

So come Sunday myself and my non horsey partner Simon (who I think only came along as he was heading out with the boys the next day and wanted to keep me sweet ;-) ) ventured off in the absolutely POURING rain!!! As we drove the rain got worse and worse and well quite frankly worse! Panic started to set in as I realised i'd only got a light waterproof and no change of outfit. Two and a half hours later we arrived and followed the twists and turns into the grounds. Mud was visible and with further rain falling I had visions of Burghley 2008 (check out the Garden Divas blog for a photographic explanation haha). No sooner had we got out the car and the rain stopped yippeeee! So off we headed to walk the Cross Country Course which was quite simply fantastic. It’s a fair way round so I had to keep Simon entertained with various food and drink stalls- not a problem for me as I got to sample a few things J. Once we’d walked the course I happily stood and watched Zara Phillips warm up whilst Simon waited for his donuts! Then it was time to hit the shops.... What greater way to spend the day- horses and shopping! I have to say I did come home with a few fabulous purchases but then the day would’ve been wasted if I didn’t. I could have happily spent another day there, we didn’t manage to get all the way round but perhaps that was a good thing- I was rapidly running out of pennies! Here are a few snaps from the day...I think we only actually managed to get five or so photos with the horses actually in (photography is clearly not my forte!). All in all a great day- can’t wait for Burghley now. And who knows, perhaps next year we’ll have a Horse Diva Stall!!!

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