Monday, April 12, 2010

Fine Feathers!

Another gorgeous weekend has passed and seeing as though I didn't win on the Grand National it's back to work today!!! However the weekend of sunshine inspired me to get B's feathers clean and here are the results.... what do you think?!
This is the first time I have grown them out so it's all a bit of a learning curve for me but I think they are looking fabulous and are really healthy! It's great now the field is drying out so i'm hoping they will stay a little cleaner than they have in previous months. I initially wet his legs with my fabulous Elico Horse Sponge which really helps you get water right into the feathers and takes half the amount of time! The sponge is also great to get the feather in a big lather! Once thoroughly rinsed with the hose I towel dried them and then used my gorgeous Mane and Tail brush and Horse Mane Comb to comb them out. Once dried they looked like i'd been using a voluming shampoo :-) !!! Last night when I went to get him in I was relieved to see he'd managed to keep them clean all day- hurrah! For daily feather brushing i'd be lost without my Mane and Tail brush which is also very handy for a thick mane and tail like his!


  1. I love the well groomed look of the large draft horse feets. Great job with the feathers.

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