Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Stylish Shopping for Trendy Teens

Finding the perfect gift for a loved one can be a challenge and if you're looking to surprise your teenager this is no exception.  I'd like to think my many years of shopping (market research obviously!) have helped me to develop my skills at putting gifts together and hopefully my friends would agree as I pride myself on my present buying! Therefore to help ease your shopping experience I have put together our range of Horsey Gifts for Teens are here are a few of the highlights...

Gorgeous Gloves
One of our top selling products, the Carrots Equestrian women's horse riding gloves are suitable for teens, adults and children 10 years and over, fitting a wide variety of hand sizes due to the four way stretch fabric.  These gloves feature leather reinforcements at the fingers and thumb to provide excellent rein grip and durability.  Tried and tested we love these riding gloves and the wide range of designs means there is a pair suited for every teenager's style. 

Horse Hoodies
Us horsey girls love to look stylish when riding and these horsey hoodies will suit fashionista's who love to have a bit of fun. Great with jods for riding or with jeans and leggings for mucking out, another best seller for the teenage horse gift

Bath, Body and Beauty
Every teenager loves to get glammed up but then again who doesn't when as an equestrian you spend so much time picking poo and getting sweating hot in your jods!  The love of all things equine can even be part of your teenagers beauty regime with our lovely wash bags and bath and body goodies.  

Happy Horse  
For teenagers who are lucky enough to have their own horse or loan pony, the Bentley horse grooming kits make fabulous presents.  Bright and beautiful and practical too, our wide range of designs means you can pick your teenagers favourite colour to match their other equestrian equipment. 

Strenuous Studying
When away from the yard teenagers work extremely hard for continuous exams and coursework deadlines.  To brighten up these testing times why not introduce our horse stationery to wish them luck and success in their studies. 

Happy Shopping and remember to just give us a shout if you get stuck and need some help xx 

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