Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mother's Day Horsey Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is fast approaching at the end of the month and I am starting to search for the perfect present for my own mum.  Sadly I cannot buy her a luxury horse gift as she wouldn't know a dandy brush from a hoof pick, plus the gardening presents are out as she runs our fabulous partner website Garden Divas (such a shame as so many things on there that she loves!!)! So as my hunt for the ideal gift goes on I thought I would help the rest of you out and suggest a few Mother's Day gifts for all those mums who love their horses.

For something horsey themed and extra special, equestrian themed jewellery is the ideal gift this Mother's Day.  The Silver Snaffle Necklace is a beautiful necklace which can easily be worn on a day to day basis or saved for special occasions.  The necklace has a handy 4cm extension which means it can be worn with a variety of outfits/ necklines.  However if you think your mum would prefer something a little more sparkly then why not opt for the Horsey Brooch which can be easily added to any outfit to add a touch of glamour. Plus it's a bargain at only £12.95 so you can still afford to combine with some flowers which I am sure will be much appreciated. 

If your mum is a bit of a bookworm, and prefers to sit quietly reading when she's not busy at the yard, we would suggest one of our lovely horsey bookmarks- either the horse lovers or the horse shoe design.  Both of these horsey gifts come in a beautiful presentation case.  Why not team with an equestrian book or a novel by her favourite author for a thoughtful Mother's Day  Gift.

Perhaps your mum loves nothing better than a cup of tea or coffee after her morning ride and if this is the case we would recommend one of our horsey mugs- a range of designs are available depending on your mum's taste.  We really love the Stable Mates mug that comes in it's own cute gift box.  This would be lovely combined with some yummy biscuits and posh tea - ready for a relaxing Mothering Sunday.  For mum's who like a bit of a giggle you may wish to opt for the No Polos Yet Horsey mug which will put a smile on her face and you can even combine this with the matching coaster

For a mum who likes researching all her horsey queries on her Ipad, why not treat her to the Horse Gallery Ipad Sleeve which will keep her Ipad clean and protected when not in use.  The cool horse themed design makes it a little different from the norm and brings the horse world into the equestrian home in the most stylish way.
Some mum's love to be in the kitchen when they are not out at the yard and we think the Gabriella Shaw Chopping Board is a lovely horsey gift, especially when combined with some special food items to make a personalised hamper for your mum.  This gift is particularly relevant for the mum who loves to compete or follow Dressage due to the stunning Dressage Design on the chopping board.

We hope our suggestions have helped you decide what to buy for your own mum this Mother's Day.  If you can't find the exact item here, be sure to browse our website The Horse Diva for lots of other horsey gift inspiration.  Plus if like me your mum isn't horsey at all,  you might want to check out our partner website Garden Divas for lots of gorgeous gardening gifts - in particular they have a Mother's Day category with lots of gift ideas.  And remember it's not just about the gifts - be sure to spoil your mum on Mother's Day so she has time to relax and pamper herself.    

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