Thursday, May 3, 2012

Rain, Rain and More Rain!

Another day at The Horse Diva office and guess what...its raining!  I am sure many of you are feeling exactly the same and there is little point me moaning about it (although I will anyway!).  We are all disappointed not to be visiting Badminton Horse Trials this year and I hope all the traders manage to gain sales from some big online promotions - as a small business we know how much preperation goes into these huge events.  Fingers crossed that the weather starts to improve soon.  I thought the month of May could bring us some sunshine but I am still looking out the window to a grey sky.  At least no one actually needs to use a hosepipe during the current hosepipe ban!!!  The weather hasn't been kind to my horse searching either...I have been repeatedly soaked trying to find a new horse and its even less fun for my partner who's standing on the ground watching getting wet and cold.  I hope everyone is managing to get out riding (or swimming) with their horses.  We thought we'd inspire you to brighten up the grey sky with some of our new bright and beautiful collection:

Bee Happy Horse Riding Hat Cover

 Pony Skipping Rope
 Horse Sparkly Hoof Necklace (who doesnt need a bit of sparkle to cheer yourself up!)

And if all else least you can carry on your equestrian style in the rain with this horsey umbrella.

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