Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our World Cup is Over...But Summer is Just Beginning!

As England got knocked out of the World Cup this weekend I was lying on the sofa just praying the defeat wasn't going to get any more embarassing than it already was. I cant confess to being the biggest footie fan but I do try! Maybe now England are out more people will get outside and enjoy this glorious weather we are currently having. It's a shame I have to work really- it's so sunny I just want to be outside all the time. The good thing is it is light really early morning and until late evening. As a horse owner I love the summer season- everything seems so much easier, I am able to ride a lot more and there is no mud- hurrah! Even though B went straight out and rolled after his bath the other day the dust soon brushed off. I soon forget how long it takes in Winter to get the layers of mud off B, picking mud clumps out of his ears and attempting to clean those huge feathers!

If like me you enjoy riding in the evenings its important to be safe and seen when riding on the roads, especially during peak times when everyone is in a rush to get home from work. A great addition to any horse riding outfit is a pair of Pink Knightrider Adults Knee High Equestrian Socks. These socks look bright and bold and are brilliant to assist in being seen and keeping safe. Knightrider is extra colour to be seen when hacking out. Best combined with a flourescent tabbard and horse accessories. The socks are also perfect to wear with your short horse riding boots if its too hot to wear long boots or even chaps- these are a great, stylish alternative!

And we all know that little ones can be rather stubborn when it comes to choosing what they want to wear! On occasions this can turn in to a bit of a battle. Hopefully this Alfie High Vis Vest will encourage your little horse riders to be safe and seen when out riding. The vest features the cute Alfie logo which is prooving really popular with the younger (and young at heart) horse riders.
Fingers crossed we have this beautiful weather for a little while longer!

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